#6 Jamie Skella – Futurist & Founder of Horizon State

Updated: May 4, 2020


Meet Jamie

Futurist and entrepreneur Jamie Skella talks with me about why we should be optimistic about technology like AI and blockchain. As well as the future of democracy and the media.

I resonate so much with Jamie who talks about something I absolutely believe in, and is one of the driving factors of why I started this podcast and Futures Collective as a whole. Technology like AI is automating and replacing jobs, there’s no doubt about that, but there is also incredible opportunities that can come out of all this innovation if we foster what makes us unique as humans. The best part is he also makes this podcast actionable and relevant to young people growing up today.

Jamie has spent 20 years in the design, building and advising of businesses across blockchain, eSports, machine learning, and even future food. He has formerly been the Executive Director at MiVote, and is now the Co-Founder of Horizon State, who are redesigning how societies collectively make decisions using distributed ledger technology.

What we discuss

  1. How automation and AI might affect our futures, and things we can do to prepare for that

  2. Democracy – what is wrong with it and how to shape an effective democracy

  3. Media influence and bias

  4. The importance of curiosity



iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/6-jamie-skella-futurist-founder-of-horizon-state/id1330972376?i=1000401676870&mt=2

Acast: https://www.acast.com/futurescollective/6-jamie-skella-futurist-and-founder-of-horizon-state

Stitcher: http://stitcher.com/s?fid=166564&refid=stpr

TuneIn: https://tunein.com/radio/Futures-Collective-p1093813/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamieskella/

Horizon State Website: https://horizonstate.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorizonState/

MiVote Website: https://www.mivote.org.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiVoteAus/

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