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#Quickpods - Elyse Burden

Meet Elyse

Elyse Burden is a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Education in 2018, and is the Co-Founder of Real World Scholars (RWS). RWS is a non-profit e-commerce platform that would allow any class to run a business right from their classroom with the funding, technology and support needed to make it a reality. Ten classes in 2015 grew to 250+ businesses in 34 states, ranging from K-12 and STEM to art. RWS was born out of a question I’ve been exploring myself: how can we better equip young people to be their best selves and become agents of change in their communities? Elyse is passionate about equity and elevating the voice, role, and contributions of young people as they do work that matters to them. I could not be more excited to explore her journey with you.

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#Quickpods - Kerstin Oberprieler

Meet Kerstin

Kerstin Oberprieler is a leading gamification expert, and the Co-founder of PentaQuest. PentaQuest is on a mission to become the world’s leading provider of gamified experiences that nudge behaviour towards performance and positive culture. Kerstin is a sought-after speaker and presenter in Australia and internationally. Prior to pursuing her passion for gamification, Kerstin worked as a design thinking consultant for 7 years, with a focus on strategic design, user research, and digital design. With her background in psychology and commerce, Kerstin has a deep understanding of organisational challenges and goals, and how these can be addressed through individual and team motivation. Throughout all of this she has also represented Australia as a martial artist.

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#Quickpods - Ashley Edwards

Meet Ashley

Ashley Edwards is Co-founder and CEO of MindRight, a tech nonprofit with the mission of empowering youth of colour to heal from trauma from systemic oppression. Ashley is a 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur and MindRight has been recognised by Forbes as one of the top 30 innovations of the next century. MindRight has also been featured in Fast CompanyTechCrunch, and Huffington Post.  Ashley holds a Master of Business Administration & Master ofEducation from Stanford University. She graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s in Economics where she was awarded the Yale Franciscus Fellowship in Entrepreneurship.

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#Quickpods - Amanda Gutterman

Meet Amanda

Amanda Gutterman is CMO at ConsenSys, a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the Ethereum ecosystem, and co-creator of Ethereal, the leading blockchain event series. Amanda is also the founder of ConsenSys Catalyst, a marketing agency with expertise building blockchain brands. She was featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2016.

Before ConsenSys, Amanda cofounded Slant, a digital media platform, and served as Special Projects Editor at The Huffington Post. Amanda graduated from Columbia University, Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Her work has been covered in The New York Times, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and more.

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#Quickpods - Saúl Zavarce

Saúl A. Zavarce C. is the Head of Advocacy at the Venezuelan Australian Democratic Council and Campaign/Youth Advocacy Officer at Plan International Australia. He is a Melbourne based Venezuelan-Australian human rights advocate, and youth worker who migrated to Australia in 1992. He holds a Master of International Relations, specialising in gender and radicalisation theory from Monash University.

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