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#Quickpods - Eva Mackinley

Eva currently spends her time running The Last Straw, a campaign to end the use of plastic straws in venues around Australia. Over 100 venues across the country have changed their straw use so far, with over 4 million plastic straws being saved from use since the campaign started. Eva has been deeply involved in the social change space, and is undertaking her honours in Middle East Studies anda Diploma of Arabic at Deakin University.

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#Quickpods - Paige Kassalen

Paige was the only American, only female engineer, and youngest member of the ground crew of the world’s first solar-powered airplane (Solar Impulse 2) as it completed its historic flight around the globe. Paige is a a spokesperson for young women in STEM, inspiring the next generation to create their own path in STEM fields. Now in her role as a Market Analyst, she explores how new mobility trends, like autonomous vehicles and ridesharing, will create new material demands.



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