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A blog for youth, by youth

We're looking for young people who want  to express their voices on topics that relate to youth now and in the future. These can be opinion articles, research articles, tips/hacks or even your old essays that have been edited to be a bit more 'conversational'. 


  1. Word Count: Roughly 300-1000 words.  (that's pretty flexible if necessary). If you've got something much longer, maybe a series of smaller posts might be best.

  2. Write from the perspective of 'giving': We want the content of the posts to 100% reflect you. As long as there is some value in the content of each post, either in the form of advice, awareness, community strengthening, humanising experiences etc.
  3. Credibility: While we welcome your experiences and opinions with open arms, please either speak from direct personal experience (making that clear in your writing) or substantiate your opinions in some way by linking in another source. 
  4. Wholesome Content: Nothing discriminatory or hateful, we want this to be a space that connects youth in a positive way through ideas and opinions that brings value to each other while humanising our experiences.


  • Be yourself - this is a blog that aims to truly reflect the opinions, capabilities, knowledge and individuality that young people have
  • Send through articles as frequently as you wish - we understand that you have work to do, things to study for and social lives to maintain. Whenever you find the time and inspiration for an article feel free to send them through.
  • Spread the word - Please, please, please share articles with your friends and networks, and let other young people know they can contribute too.
  • Respect - Everyone has a voice, please respect that.


  • Passion - We want people to express their voices on things they are passionate about. If there aren't any categories of posts you want to write about, drop us a line to let us know what you want to write about and why.
  • Writing - We are not looking for the most polished writers, or the most eloquent. This blog is meant to be for everyone, as long as you can write and express what you want to say we'd love to have you! (if you are a polished writer we'd still definitely love for you to contribute)
  • Age - This blog is for young contributors aged 16-25. We can make some exceptions to this, just let us know why you want to contribute.

*At this stage we are unable to pay any of our blog contributors


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