3 Ways Meditation Has Helped Me

It wasn’t that long ago that I thought meditation was “for hippies”. All the people I knew who meditated regularly were the kind of people who’d do bikram yoga three times a week and would live amongst rainforests and waterfalls if they could. Not that there’s anything wrong with those people – I just didn’t think it was me... I recently just completed my 100th consecutive day of meditation – a total of 35 hours of time spent mediating.

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The Fault In Our Schools (Part I)

This is the first article in a three-part series. Part II will explore the structure of the educational systems in Australia’s English-speaking counterparts, the US and the UK, and how these better align with the economic and social priorities of their respective nations. Part III will use these insights in an attempt to paint a broad picture of what an ideal Australian secondary and tertiary education system could possibly look like.

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Why School Needs to Change

Life is hard, and school doesn’t make it easier. From a young age we are all told, go to school to get an education, to get a job, to get money. This was the way to think of life for a long time. However, in recent times a so called, “good job” isn’t necessary to make much money. In other words, the school system needs to change. There are many ways to make a living now through alternative avenues; from making entertaining videos on the internet to starting a multibillion dollar corporation.

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