Futures Collective
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Our Vision

We want to help shape a world where generations are growing up communicating through kindness empathy and compassion, while being empowered with the skills to solve real world problems.

Our Mission

To transform education to be a catalyst for human creativity, intelligence and empathy in our rapidly innovating world.

Our Difference

We believe education should not just be about helping you find a way to make money or get your dream job. Education should be holistic and community based, emphasising emotional and psychological fulfilment as well.

We collaborate with people who carry relevance with our audience, to help empower people while they are young, with skills and experiences from all walks of life. Further, we are a platform for youth voices and a community of young people actively solving problems for a better world, while learning and growing as individuals along the way.


Our Why

We truly believe that everyone has value to add in this world, but the systems of education currently in place don't help us realise that potential. There are so many issues out there to be solved, and so many people with great ideas who want to make a difference but are not empowered with the right environments to act on them.


Message from the founder:

The idea for Futures Collective was born through one thought I had at the age of 16. 'What would the future look like if every young person had the foundation to find success and fulfilment while creating positive social change?' I got obsessed with this vision and the issues that are holding us back from achieving this. Ever since I've been working on a solution to this issue: Futures Collective. Here's a bit of context as to why I thought so much about that question from the age of 16.

I have always loved learning and done reasonably well in school, but I was never that kid who absolutely excelled in all aspects of the classroom. For a long time I assumed I just wasn't smart enough to make a real difference and find real success. I soon realised however that it wasn't just me, many of my friends who are extremely intelligent just didn't seem to have that intelligence reflected in their grades either. We are asked to think outside of the box, but the box shouldn't even be there in the first place. I was lucky enough to find my passions and understand my strengths at a very young age through some amazing opportunities and incredible people who have helped and continue to help me along my lifelong journey of learning and social impact. However, It's easy for young people, including myself to get lost in the noise of the world and the expectations placed upon us as individuals and as a generation.

We are living in a world that is changing every day at unprecedented rates through technology and innovation. A world where the commoditisation of information is increasing the value of skills, experiences and relationships. All of which help us navigate the information around us, and empower us to succeed through whatever path we choose. Simon Sinek Identified that young people want to work with purpose and make an impact, highlighting the importance of the relationships and skills to reach their potential. However, we are held back by education systems that focus on content and information instead of teaching us the skills, and provide us with the experiences that are going to be so key in driving our successes. We change the world everyday, but to change the world in a way that means something unfortunately takes more time than most of us have, and I just don't have that level of patience. We built the Futures Collective to promote a culture that fosters young leaders and empowers us to act on our passions in a way that catalyses change. We built the Futures Collective to innovate our education to embody the nexus of skills, experiences and relationships that is so vital in ensuring we not only survive but thrive together in the future we have to live in.

We want to show you doors to opportunities you never even knew existed, and empower you with everything you need to realise your full potential. Imagine a world where our interactions are based on integrity, honesty, transparency and empathy. Using those values to drive collaboration between people around the world who have the foundation to tackle some of the worlds biggest problems.

Aqeel Camal
Founder & Lead Problem Solver