Futures Collective
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Our Vision

We exist to transform education to build communities of young people empowered with human creativity, intelligence and empathy.

Our Mission

  • Empower 500 young people through our workshops by 2021 (250 from disadvantaged backgrounds)

  • Share the stories of 100 changemakers by 2021

  • Support the implementation of 50 youth led social impact initiatives by 2021


Our Why

We have experienced the gaps in formal education first hand. Unfortunately education systems around the world are not agile enough to adapt with the world around us.

We truly believe that every young person has a unique perspective and capacity for curiosity that needs to be heard. We also believe that stories from people of all walks of life are essential to humanise experiences and inspire incredible collaborations regardless of age.

Our Difference

We believe education should should be holistic and community driven, and not competitive. What we strive to do is ensure that our learning experiences use the stories of current changemakers to contextualise the learning of skills that make us uniquely human.

We have 5 core elements that drive our approach

1) Unexpected Stories

Young people want to learn from people they can relate to. By sharing the stories of changemakers from all walks of life, we aim to break down preconceptions of who young people can relate to and show the value of human connection. These stories will also contextualise the key skills that are focussed on throughout our learning experiences.

2) Skills That Make Us ‘Uniquely Human’

In a world that is rapidly innovating and growing reliant on technology, we believe that skills unique to our humanity is more important than ever. Our focus is on creating learning experiences for young people to develop and implement skills of emotional intelligence, adaptive leadership, creative problem solving, critical thinking, social awareness, storytelling and more.

The opportunities around technology driven innovation and access to information are endless. Our goal is to empower young people with the skills to ensure these opportunities move society towards a better future.

3) Community Driven

People say that work shouldn't feel like 'work,' but the opposite should be said about learning. We should learn for the sake of learning, and grow with each other.

The unfortunate reality for young people is that our learning is driven by competition, rather than collaboration.

We are synergising education, youth culture and social change to build a collective of passionate and empowered young people through community driven learning. Unlike most events, we ensure that your experience extends beyond each workshop you attend.

4) Conscious Learning

We make conscious decisions about the products we buy. Why not do the same through our education? 

We are partnering with social change organisations that are addressing issues that provide barriers to youth empowerment. Doing so will enable us to create an ecosystem of social change through education.

5) A Platform for Youth-led Change 

Our work is not just about developing skills, and connecting with unexpected stories.

We believe that young people have a unique perspective and curiosity that needs to be heard.

We provide avenues for young people to have their voices heard and be part of creating positive social change. We work with leaders in business and government to create opportunities around entrepreneurship, mentorship and industry experience pathways.