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Our Vision


We exist to transform education to build communities of young people empowered with human creativity, intelligence and empathy.

 About Us


Our Mission:

  • - Empower 500 young people through our workshops by 2020

  • - Build an engaged community of 300 current & aspiring young changemakers by 2020


1) Skill based learning from the world's best

Imagine if you could curate your education to learn the best skills of some of the most successful and fulfilled people around the world.

2) Conscious learning

We make conscious decisions about the products we buy. Why not do the same through our education? 

We are partnering with social change organisations that are addressing issues that provide barriers to youth empowerment. Doing so will enable us to create an ecosystem of social change through education 

3) Collaborative & dynamic

We get that young people wanna make an impact. So we don't just give you the skills to be a changemaker, but we support you with the opportunities and network too.

4) Community 

People say that work shouldn't feel like 'work'. The same should be said for education and learning.

We are bringing together education, youth culture and social change to build a collective of passionate and empowered youth through learning you actually want to engage in. Unlike most events, we ensure that your experience extends beyond each workshop you attend.


Our Impact

As a startup driven by solving problems for real people, our impact is how we measure our success. We are constantly striving to provide as much value as possible, to as many people as possible. 


2018 goals:


Blog contributors

Our blog is the only one we are aware of that is exclusively for contributors aged under 25. We pride ourself on being a platform for young people around the world to express their voices and have them heard. 



Events held

Our events aim to help young people navigate the world with more confidence by having young leaders speak, workshop and network with attendees around key skills for the future. Our events also showcase some incredible local venues and businesses.




People impacted

Through our events and podcasts, we want to ensure our work creates meaningful impact for as many young people as possible.



Our Events

Our events have been ideated in collaboration with leading individuals and teams like Uber. They are designed to help bridge the gap between formal education and real life success through:

1) Collaborations with  young leaders, innovators, artists, activists, entrepreneurs and everything in between. Speaking about some of their biggest lessons and decisions in life from a young age.

2) Workshopping our collaborators best skills with attendees in a practical way.

3) Networking & socialising with like minded youth and the great people helping deliver these events. 

4) Showcasing incredible local venues and food vendors. Ensuring that dynamic experiences stimulate community building.

5) Post-event mentoring sessions allow the learning to extend beyond individual workshops. While also personalising the content to suit individual circumstances.

6) Promoting conscious learning by ensuring paid workshops carry a social impact. 



Simon Sinek

Integrity, honesty, transparency and compassion are the values we believe should drive future generations so that every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.



Get Involved

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We want to foster a community of young people who care about the world around us, and want to make a difference. We envision this collective of youth around the world being a catalyst in solving some of the worlds biggest issues, but we need the biggest and most diverse community of passionate youth to do so. Whether you're a young person passionate about making a difference, whether you simply want to be part of a great community, or you're young at heart keen on helping future generations thrive in life, we would love to hear from you. 

"If you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world."

- Erin Gruwell, Founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation


Volunteer opportunities

Get involved with opportunities on our core team, as a contributor to our blog, facilitators for events or any other opportunities that may pop up.                       

Podcast inquiries

We wanna hear from anyone doing incredible things. Our podcast is all about exploring different pathways to success and discussing pressing issues youth face today and into the future. 

Brand Partnerships

We truly believe that collaboration is the best way to succeed  and create the change we need to see as soon as possible. We'd love to hear from you and find a way to work together.